2021 Tournaments

For a complete list of Tournament rules click here for link to PDF.



Single day tournament times start at 6:30 AM running until 2:30 PM during

July/August and starts at 7:00AM running until 3:00PM during September/October.



Single day tournament:

i. $50.00 will be paid as a team whether one or two entrant.

ii. $10.00 for lunker pool entries per boat will be optional.

iii. $10.00 for Chain Pickerel pool entries per boat will be optional.

Two day tournament:

i. $220.00 will be paid as a team whether one or two entrant.

ii. Lunker pool is included.

Registration to be complete 20 minutes prior to blast off.



Total cash payout for all tournaments paid down to 3rd place.

First place 50%

Second place 30%

Third place 20%

Lunker (number of boats participating)


An annual $30.00 per person Member fee is required to participate in Bronze Back Tournaments.



All participants must have a valid Nova Scotia fishing license.

Pleasure craft operator card. (If operating the boat)



*Large Bass Snowball Competition

Bronzeback Bassers Association is proud to continue the 2017 Angler Tournament series, a “Large Bass Snowball“ competition.

Designed for the individual angler, to compete not only against other teams, but against his/her partner for bragging rights, and a large amount of cash.

Designed to be fun, competitive and to add a little excitement as the snowball grows and the large fish weight drops per tournament.


For a complete list of the Large Bass Snowball rules click here


June 26, 2021- Shortt's Lake, 06:30 -14:30

July 4, 2021- MicMac Lake, 06:30 -14:30

July 25, 2021- Morris Lake, 06:30 -14:30

Aug 22, 2021- Grand Lake, 06:30 -14:30

Sept 12, 2021- Shortts Lake, 07:00 -15:00

Oct 9, 2021- Bassin' For Bucks

                           Grand Lake 07:00 - 15:00


Click Here for Bassin For Bucks Rules

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